About Mahesh Bank, Pune

Mahesh Bank, Pune was established in 1972 by visionary Shri. Hiralalji Malu with his colleagues and active support of Maheshwari Yuwak Mandal. It is run by people who are the doyens of trade, commerce and industry and respected in the social circle. Their experience and expertise have made the bank efficient and profit-making. An ethical and professional top management has always been its guiding star.

Since its inception, all the directors agreed unanimously not to avail of any loans from the bank and also not to receive any honorarium sitting fees for their services/meetings, etc. This unique gesture of selfless service by the Directors has set an example before the society.

It is a prominent urban co-operative bank in Maharashtra, having headquarters and 11 branches in Pune, 1 at Kalbadevi (Mumbai), 1 at Bhiwandi (Thane), 1 at Latur and 1 at Ichalkaranji (Kolhapur). With such a widespread network, Mahesh Bank, Pune is one of the best co-operative banks in Maharashtra.


To develop a range of quality services for creating value for customers, shareholders and the society by motivating people to achieve excellence in performance leading to sustained profitable growth and in that process build a learning organization.

Board of Directors

Shri. Poonamchand Dhoot

Shri. Poonamchand Dhoot
- Chairman

Jugalkishor Pungaliya

Shri. Jugalkishor Pungaliya
– Vice Chairman

hri. Jugalkishor Malu

Shri. Jugalkishor Malu
- Director

Gopal Malu

Shri. Gopal Jaju
- Director

Anil Rathi

Shri. Anil Rathi
- Director

Jawaharlal Baheti

Shri. Jawaharlal Baheti
- Director

Gopal Rathi

Shri. Gopal Rathi
- Director

Shri. Ganesh Mundada

Shri. Ganesh Mundada
- Director

Jitendra Rathi

Shri. Jitendra Rathi
– Director

Ajay Laddha

Shri. Ajay Laddha
- Director

Kamalkishor Biyani

Shri. Kamalkishor Biyani
- Director

Ganesh Chutake

Shri. Ganesh Chutake
- Director

Sambhaji Kolekar

Shri. Sambhaji Kolekar
- Director

Sunil Jadhav

Shri. Sunil Jadhav
- Director

Bhawarlal Pungliya

Shri. Bhawarlal Pungliya
- Staff Director

Rajendra Gaikwad

Shri. Rajendra Gaikwad
- Staff Director

Someshwar Karwa

Shri. Someshwar Karwa
- Officiating CEO


Shri. S. E. Jadhav General Manager
Shri. R. N. Yalshetty General Manager
Shri. P. D. Bavaskar General Manager
Shri. A. M. Pawar Deputy General Manager
Shri. N. A. Kakirde Deputy General Manager

Towards Public Service:

Apart from, working efficiently to maintain high standards of customer service, Mahesh Bank, Pune has always been keen to participate in the public service activities. Mahesh Bank, Pune has contributed in city improvement programme and also tried its bit in facing the national calamities.