Gold Loan

Fulfill your immediate financial needs with Mahesh Bank’s gold loans.

Gold loans are the quickest way to get funds for personal or business requirements. The funds from gold loans can be used for weddings, education, business expansion or any other similar purpose. With minimal documentation and secure storage, our gold loans are a simple funding option to meet your needs.

Apply for gold loans at Mahesh Bank and enjoy quick disbursal of funds.

With Mahesh Bank Gold Loan services, it takes no time for your gold to generate cash.

Scheme Benefits:

  1. Quick loan disbursal

  2. Pre-payment options

  3. Minimal documentation

  4. Extremely competitive Rate of Interest of 9.00% ONLY

  5. 75% loan amount of the total gold evaluation

  6. Best customer service with a shorter response time

  7. Safe custody for gold ornaments