Business Loans (Cash Credit & Term Loans)

Grow your small firm or large-scale company with line of credits from Mahesh Bank.

Our business loans come with a host of benefits and are tailor-made to meet your unique business needs.

We offer among the best business loans in India, with complete transparency and competitive interest rates.

Apply for a line of credit from Mahesh Bank and enjoy easy documentation & fast disbursal, while enjoying unmatched benefits.


Interest Rates

Type of Business Rate of interest
Secured as per normal rating norms 12.50% (minimum)
Business (Paper Industry for amount < 1.00 Crore) 12.75%
Builder (RERA Registered) 15.00%
For Eco-friendly businesses 13.00%
Machinery Loan 13.25% to 14.25%
Property Loan / Overdraft 13.25% to 14.25%
Cash Credit / Machinery Loan
(Textile Sector)
10.50% to 11.00%
Loan against Warehouse Receipts 11.50%
Professional Loan for Doctor 11% to 12%
Future Rent Receivable 12.50%

All interest rates on various loan schemes are subject to change from time to time as per changes in bank's interest rate policy / RBI directives etc.