Loan Interest Rates

Type of Business Rate of interest
Clean Cash Credit Upto 5 Lakhs 12% to 14%
Business loans 9.50% onwards
Cash Credit (Textile Sector) 9.00% onwards
Term Loans (Textile Sector) 9.25% onwards%
Builder Loans (RERA Registered) 13.00%
Professional Loan for Doctors/CA/Architects 11.00%
Future Rent Receivables 10.00%
Education Loan (Secured) 9.00%
Personal Loan 11.00% to 14.00%
Gold Loan 9.00%
Vehicle Loan 8.50% (new individual 2-wheeler)
8.00% (new individual 4-wheeler)
10.00% to 13.00% (new commercial vehicle)
Home Loan 8.00% to 8.50%

All interest rates on various loan schemes are subject to change from time to time as per changes in Bank's interest rates policy/ RBI directives etc.